Men 12,5 km pursuit of Biathlon World Cup Final in Khanty-Mansiysk took place today, on March’19. Gold was won by Simon Schempp of Germany, who was second in sprint yesterday.

The sensational winner of sprint Julian Eberhard of Austria was the first to start the race today. Right after him went Simon Schempp and Arnd Peiffer. All three missed target on the first shooting, while Dominik Landertinger of Austria became the leader.

On second prone he missed one target. Meanwhile Erik Lesser of Germany, who was 5th in sprint yesterday, shot clean and took the lead. He was the first on third shooting. Right after him came the group of 5 athletes.  Lesser missed one target and got down to the third position. Johannes Thinges Boe and Simon Schempp became the leaders.

All three came together on the fourth shooting. Boe, who shot clean on first three shootings, now missed one target. The same happened with Simon Schempp. On the last leg of the race German athlete was faster than his Norwegian opponent.

The battle for the bronze was between Erik Lesser and Benjamin Weger, who shot clean in this race. And again German athlete was stronger.


The winner of big Crystal Globe and small Crystal Globe in sprint Martin Fourcade of France missed this race and was watching the competition from the sidelines.