Press-conference of the winners of men pursuit was held in the media center of Biathlon World Cup Final.

Simon Schempp:

— Directly after the World Championships, my shape was getting better and better, I felt good at the end of the season. My shape is good, I have a lot of power in my legs and I think today I was really lucky with my material, I had really good skis. I think, that was the key.

Maybe two hundred meters before the finish it came to my mind that it would be my race. I think, everybody is a little bit tired at the moment. Besides, it was not so easy on the shooting range today, you have to be really focused on your shooting. It was not easy but I managed to do this. I feel so happy to get this first place.

Next week we have country championships, two more competitions. In the beginning of April I will go to Tyumen and then I want to go to the beach.

Johannes Thinges Boe:

— I am very happy with my final loop today. I came out of the shooting range in the first place so I knew it was going to be a fight with Schempp. I didn’t have the best material today so I just tried to speed as fast as I could. And on the final downhill Simon had more power and went in front of me. So there wasn’t a chance for me on the last meters of the distance.

This season was the best so far for me. My main goal was the World Championships in Oslo, where I got two gold medals. Besides, my position in top-10 became more stable. Before this week I wanted to secure my third place in World Total, but now I see that I am number two. So I will try to keep the second place tomorrow.


My objectives now are to become a better biathlete not only in running but shooting as well. I want to improve this and then we will see how stronger I would be.

Erik Lesser:

— It was really hard for me in the beginning of the last lap. I tried my best to have the gap to Weger, to be faster. He was keeping behind me and I needed to have a good sprint in the end. And now I am the lucky guy on the podium. Last year in mass start we had the same situation and then he bet me. And now I bet him.


So me there’s no difference between races of World Championships and World Cup. If I have a bib over my racing suit, it is competition and competition is always 100% of effort. So there’s the same pressure like a week before. Since Canmore and Presque Island my shape is getting better and better. And now I have really good ending of the season. I am very happy with my standing in the Total score. And now I am happy to go back home. I have some stuff to do in the beginning of April and then I will go on a holiday with my girlfriend. I will have some relaxing and shift my focus from biathlon.