Today, on March’10 press-conference of Biathlon World Cup Final Organizing Committee dedicated to getting ready for the competitions was held in the capital of Ugra.

The main speakers of the meeting were the acting director of the department of physical culture and sport Igor Gubkin and an executive director of Biathlon World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk Valery Radchenko.

Igor Gubkin has told about the things done in order to get ready for the competitions:

— We had a meeting of Organizing Committee a day before to check if everything’s ready to host the World Cup Final. It was stated that sport infrastructure, accommodation and other things are almost 100% percent ready.

Everything is organized on the highest level. All scheduled and unscheduled events and security issues for athletes and spectators are taken into consideration.

An outstanding security measures were taken, we are using machines of complex face detection and introscopes. So, I think, we are not 100% but 200% ready.

Valery Vadchenko has confirmed the words of Igor Gubkin. He said that at the moment all applications for participation are accepted and on March’14 athletes will come to Khanty-Mansiysk.

P3100845-1024x768– Meanwhile, we welcome all biathlon fans to come to the airport and greet our champions there. Together with city administration we will organize their greeting in accordance with our national traditions. Everybody is welcome!

As for the stadium, all works on tracks are already finished; all remarks of IBU were taken into consideration. All defects found by its commission in September were solved. The stadium is closed for public skiing and now we are installing equipment in start and finish zones.

At the moment more than 20 thousand tickets are solved, there are no more tickets for weekend races, just a few are left on north-east stand. Those who didn’t buy tickets yet, should do this as soon as possible, otherwise they will only be able to watch the race standing along the track, — addressed biathlon fans the executive director of the competitions.

Journalists attending the press-conference were interested if people from other cities are coming to Khanty-Mansiysk to watch the races.


Valery Radchenko has informed that with the help of Russian consulate 673 visas to Russia were issued for people that are coming to Khanty-Mansiysk from foreign countries. Besides, it is expected that around 3000 fans will come from other regions of Russia. All hotels of Ugra capital are already booked for these dates.

– A special attention was paid to the order of the governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova to provide free-of-charge tickets to socially and economically disadvantaged groups.  As year 2016 was announced a year of childhood, 85 kids from Yamalo-Nenets Okrug will come to Ugra to watch the races and to take part in cultural and entertainment program, to visit museums, aqua-park and horse-riding club “Mustang”.

Journalists reminded that traditionally, some top biathletes are finishing their careers in Khanty-Mansiysk. The speakers have said that they are also considering this issue and discussed it previously. If any athlete will be ending his career, organizers will be informed about this.

– We want to be ready for this and to say a farewell to athletes that have dedicated a big part of their lives to biathlon. Still, at the moment we don’t know about anybody.  Maybe this will be known upon the end of the World Championships in Holmenkollen, – said Valery Radchenko.


One more hot-button question was dedicated to the fact that for some period Khanty-Mansiysk will stay without Biathlon World Cup Valery Radchenko insured, biathlon will be back in Ugra!

— The phrase “the last World Cup”, that is often used, is not acceptable. We will have a two-year pause for reconstruction of the stadium, and then biathlon will return to Khanty-Mansiysk. In addition to World Cup there are other competitions like IBU Cup, National Championships and other sports like International MMA tournament, Boxing World Cup, etc. We have so many events; it is not good to concentrate only on biathlon. Still, it will not leave Khanty-Mansiysk, a year ago our stadium was called the best biathlon stadium in the world and we are happy that World Cup stays in Russia. And still there is a hope that some day our country will host two World Cups!