Press-conference of the winners of women pursuit was held in the media center of Biathlon World Cup Final.

Kaisa Makarainen

— I am really happy with my result today; two penalties are not too much for me. In general, this race was quite good.

Maybe, in the end of the season all athletes feel a bit relaxed and free, we are looking forward to the holidays so I just tried to enjoy the race today. Even if it was a bit hard for me, I still like this part of the season.

I think we have done enough races this season. And now it will be good to go and do something else. First I will have some rest, and after I will go on a trip again. We have Finnish Championships, this time I will take part in cross-country, and for me it will be another challenge.

Marie DorinHabert

— I started far away from the podium; I didn’t expect anything but I tried my best. I had good skis today, better shape, so with good shooting everything was possible.

For the Total score and Pursuit score I was too far away from the leader – Gabriela Soukalova. I just concentrated on each race to have a good finish of this season.

Kaisa was so strong, especially on the last lap; we could do anything about this. I just tried to race with the other girls. I knew that I have good finish, I tried and it was good for me.

We have one more race tomorrow, it will be very hard, I think. The loop is much harder than today and we have to be very strong to win tomorrow. After the end of World Cup I will have a race in Switzerland and French Championships and then I will have to study so there’s still one month of work ahead.

Dorothea Wierer:

— It was really a tough race. When I left the last shooting range, there was six of us and everybody past me and I didn’t know what to do with this.  I went to stay behind and I am really happy that I met the third place today cause after the last shooting range I thought that I will arrive sixth.

Of course I was also thinking about my Pursuit score, but I realized that Gabi is very strong, especially in shooting. I knew that to beat her I needed to win, so I am really satisfied with my second place in Pursuit score too.

I was really afraid before the season, because I didn’t know in what shape I was in comparison with the others. I was afraid that I would have a worse season than the season before. But it was really good and I feel happy with it.

I don’t think now about the next season, because I need some holidays now. And then of course I will speak with my coach and then we’ll see. After this World Cup we have Italian Championships then I go to Tyumen for the race of Champions and then… to Miami, Bahamas and Cuba!