From March’17 until March’20 Khanty-Mansiysk will be hosting Biathlon World Cup 9. Those sport fans that will not be able to watch the races on the stadium, could be able to watch the brilliant TV broadcasting. It will be organized in accordance with the highest standards.

44 cameras will be producing feedback for the broadcasting of competitions. As a comparison, the minimum number of cameras according to the regulations of International Biathlon Union is 25-30.


The travck of Khanty-Mansiysk is not an easy one for broadcasting. But with such a big amount of cameras TV audience will not miss a single moment of the race.

A drone will be used for broadcasting. It will show a view on the stadium. Besides, before the race spectators will watch the short video about the city made with a help of the drone.

Traditionally, spidercam will show a lot of things worth seeing. In start and finish zones broadcasting director will be able to use Polecam – a special dynamic camera.


A lot of attention is paid to the area of shooting range. There 2 crane cameras, 3 additional cameras in bulletproof boxes and mini-cameras will be working. TV audience will also be able to enjoy slow-motion replay made with the held of Super Slow Motion camera.

To make all this complicated system work, two O/B vans are used. As a rule, this is done only for broadcasting the major sport events. Traditionally, TV and radio company “Ugra” is the host broadcaster of this World Cup. It is working in cooperation with a sport news agency “Tyumenskaya arena” and “Match-TV”.


Two TV directors will be working on the World Cup. A highly professional director from Moscow Alexander Papyn has an experience of working on the broadcasting of Sochi-2014 Olympiad. Women sprint and both mass starts will be directed by an irreplaceable specialist from Ugra Irina Tchukomina.

Alexander Papyn has explained the peculiarities of working on such competitions.

— TV and radio company “Ugra” – a host broadcaster of the competitions – has involved “Tyumenskaya arena” as a sub-vendor. In its turn, it is cooperating with “Match-TV”. Thus, three different companies are communicating and working on these competitions.


As a result, two O/B vans and 40 cameras are involved in producing TV signal. It is worth mentioning, that we were able to install everything in time. Of cause, it is still difficult for us to compete with Norwegian TV broadcasting of biathlon. They have a lot of brand-new techniques and they are not eager to share them with us. However, in Khanty-Mansiysk we will have our own tricks. We will do our best to satisfy the audience.