Press-conference of the winners of Sprint competition was held in the media center of Biathlon World Cup Final.

Kaisa Makarainen:

— I think, in general it was a good race for me, earlier this season I was not able to get medals with one missed target, so today I was also not expecting to be on the podium. I was feeling good and the skis were perfect. I had so many lucky races here in Khanty-Mansiysk so, I think, this place fits me well.


It was very important for me to win the medal in the last race of the World Championships in Oslo and, maybe, this gave me some additional energy. I was feeling tired in the beginning of this week but I managed to sleep well here, I was waking up at 12 and managed to accumulate enough strength for this race. Sleeping well was a key factor for me to feel fresh for this competition.

On the last leg I was informed three times about my position in the race. Before the long downhill they said to me that I still have some seconds, so when I was going downhill I couldn’t influence this situation anyhow.

Gabriela Soukalova:

— I was not even thinking that I would be able to beat Kaisa. I had information that she is just behind me, but I know that Kaisa is very strong at finish.  I wasn’t even thinking that I would be able to win gold. Silver is a really good result for me today. This is one of the best days in my life and I am very happy. I am satisfied with this season and my results. It makes me think of my first steps in biathlon and the way I had to go to achieve this success.


I can’t explain why my results on World Championships were not good. I thought I would be able to win some medals in Oslo. But maybe this is just not the lucky place for me. But my main aim was to win the total score and now I need to concentrate on it. I will try to do my best in the next two races here.

Marte Olsbu:

— I feel so excited. I am happy to be in top-10 today and I feel very motivated. My shooting was not very good on World Championships and now I need to concentrate on it and show clean shooting. I am very happy that it was good today.


Yesterday the weather was a little bit windy and today it is very nice, this made shooting easier. My skiing was not perfect and I felt a bit cold, still, I managed to have a good race.