Press-conference of the winners of men Sprint competition was held in the media center of Biathlon World Cup Final.

Julian Eberhard:

— I feel really well, I knew that if I would be able to shoot clean, I would have a chance to be on a podium today. I was very disappointed with my performance on World Championships; I was not in my perfect shape so I realized that this World Cup is my only chance to finish the season on the high note.  I was really looking forward to winning today.

I didn’t think my shooting changed a lot, it was quite well during training and now I managed to do the same during the race.

I will really need to have a good recovery for tomorrow’s pursuit. All the athletes are feeling tired at the end of the season, but still I hope I will be able to show good speed and clean shooting.

Simon Schempp: 

— It was quite difficult for me today to win this podium. There was a lot of problems in different aspects, however, I felt much stronger than in the last two weeks.


I was expecting this would be gold when I was finishing. However, one athlete was stronger than me. Julian was faster on the track and on shooting range; still I am very happy to win this silver. Of cause, I expected my performance on World Championships would be better, but it turned out I needed more time to gain the perfect shape and recover after my illness. Now I am ready and think that next race will also be good for me.

Arnd Peiffer:
— Victory is always a perfect birthday present and I am very happy with this. I like the track of Khanty-Mansiysk; it suits me well so I am always looking forward to getting back to Khanty-Mansiysk.

I am very disappointed that there will be no World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk next year. This is really sad as I like to compete here.


I am not surprised that 4 German athletes are in top-10 of the race. We have a strong team. Our performance this season was really good, skis were perfect and we are still very motivated to show good results. We are not on the holiday already and will do our best to perform well in the last races of the season. So I think we deserve this result. Of cause, I would like to win one more medal here and be on the podium again, but this is not eay, there are a lot of strong athletes. You need to shoot clean. But if I miss no targets and my physical condition will be good, I think I would be able to be here again.