Julian Eberhard of Austria won men sprint of Biathlon World Cup Final in Khanty-Mansiysk.  

Julian was 40th to start the race and shot clean in both shootings. After prone he was 2 seconds ahead of Simon Schempp. 500 meters before the finish it seemed  that he will not be able to beat the German athlete. However, he showed perfect speed on the last loop thus winning his first podium and first gold of World Cup.

Simon Schempp finished third just one second back the leader and won bronze in the race.

The teammate of Simon Schempp Arnd Peiffer shot clean too and finished 23 seconds back the leader.

The total score leader – Martin Fourcade – missed three targets in prone and one in standing, finishing 40th. But this didn’t prevent him from winning Crystal Globe in sprint.

Russian athletes were not able to compete even for places in flowers. Alexey Slepov missed three targets and finished 23th. This was the best result in team of Russia. Right after him finished Alexey Volkov with 1 missed target.