The Olympic medalist, three-time world champion Ivan Tcherezov has officially declared the end of his professional career. The press-conference with Ivan took place today, on March’19, in Alexander Filipenko Winter Sports Center.

It turned out that the decision to finish career in Khanty-Mansiysk was not accidental. Ivan Tcherezov has confessed that he has special feelings about Khanty-Mansiysk.

— My first World Championships was here in 2003. I was not participating in the races there, but I was invited as a young and promising athlete.

It turned out that World Championships 2011, which was also held here, was my last one. And now I am finishing my career here on national championships right after the end of World Cuo. Al this is quite symbolical for me.


The reason of retirement of the ex-leader of Russian team is clear for all – the athlete was not able to recover after an injury and reach his optimal conditions.

— As you know, I got an injury in 2011 on national summer biathlon championships in Ufa. I had a fall and, frankly speaking, my career as an athlete was over. I tried to recover as soon as possible and this was a very big mistake. I didn’t realize how serious my injury was and this didn’t make the recovery possible. I didn’t manage to gain my former professional level.

When you are on top, you know what you can do and what the abilities of your body are and when after an injury you are not able to gain the same shape, it is really hard to accept.

Then I wasn’t included in the team for Sochi—2014 Olympics and this was the time when I first started thinking about finishing my career.

It was not easy to watch the Olympic Games I was not participating in. But then I found motivation to continue. For me that was a decisive season, I needed to enter the main team of Russia and to start competing on international tournaments again to get ready for the Games in South Korea. But this didn’t work, so I decided to quit.

— I feel satisfied with my career. There were a lot of positive things, especially at times, when we were a single team and were winning. Before Torino-2006 we had one aim – to win medals of World Cup in relay. And then after the Olympics we started to win more and more often. There were a lot of positive emotions.


The plans for the future are not yet clear for Ivan Tcherezov, but he considers the opportunity of working as a coach.

— I am frequently asked, what now. There are some talks about my future as a coach. I’d say, it sounds very interesting but very time-consuming. I am not sure if I am ready for frequent trips. I have kids and I see then very rare, so it makes me feel sad thinking about leaving then again.